Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Units

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Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Units (Pic1)
Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Units (Pic2)

Qty 12 (Available): Solar Taurus 60 Turbine Generators, Model T7300 Mobile Power Units, Package: XQ5200, Rated: 4.9 MW @ 50 HZ, 13400 Volts, Dual Fuel (Diesel #2 & Natural Gas), (9) Units have less than 500 Hours.

Bill of Materials, Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit:
The Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit is a "Truly Portable" 5200 KW generation system that is easy to move, easy to setup, easy to operate, easy to tear down, and easy on the pocketbook by avoiding high installation costs. The design features are outlined below.
1. Trailer transportable by permit.
2. No concrete slabs for placement of mobile generation system.
3. No large cranes or large fork lifts required to set up.
4. Setup in five days or less.
5. Quiet operation. 76dba @ 50 ft.
6. Minimum of auxiliary connections required. (i.e. gas powered units
require a 12.47KV or 13.8KV connection & 250 pound gas connection).
7. Black start capability (requires 200 KW, 480vac power source)
8. High quality factory design, manufacturing, & testing by Solar Turbines Inc.
There are currently over 1,000 Taurus turbines in service world wide.
9. Low emissions output to meet today's stringent standards.

Detailed Bill of Materials
Turbine Generator Set Module:

- Taurus 60 Gas Turbine with SoLoNOx, Dry Low NOx Combustion System
- Epicyclic Reduction Gearbox, 1800 rpm output speed
- Salient Pole, 3 Phase Generator with the follow characteristics:
Rating. The generator is rated per NEMA standards so that the generator will not limit turbine performance over the range of site ambient temperatures.
Generator standard features include:
· Sleeve Bearings with pressure fed sumps
· Six-lead WYE connection
· Terminal box
· Form wound stator windings
· Damper windings
· Rotor balance to 125% rated speed
· Permanent magnet pilot exciter
· Anti-condensation space heaters
· 300% short circuit capability for 10 seconds
· Overload capacity per NEMA:
· 150% rated current for 1 minute
· 110% for 2 hours
Voltage Regulator Characteristics
· Solid state
· Single-phase sensing
· ±10% voltage adjustment range
· 0.5% steady state voltage regulation
· Reactive load sharing to within 5% nameplate rating
· Crosscurrent compensation capability
Wave Form Characteristics.
· Deviation Factor [maximum] 6%
· Harmonic Content [maximum] 3%
· Telephone Interference Factor 50
· Balanced Residual 75
Voltage Drift. The change in voltage will not exceed 1.0% over a 30 minute
period when the generator is operating at rated voltage and 0.8 to 1.0 power factor and with a constant load between no load and full rated load.
Generator Construction. An open drip proof generator per NEMA standards is
Generator Voltage. The generator output is 13,800 or 12,470 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Insulation conforms to NEMA class F with class F (1050C) temperature rise.
- NEC, non-hazardous Electrical Classification
- Direct AC Drive Start System
- Lube Oil System:
Tank, Filters, Pre/Post Lube Pump, Back-up Pump, Vent Separator
- Vibration and Temperature Monitoring System
- PLC based Control System with 120 VDC Battery Supply (installed on the Auxiliary Equipment Module)
- Generator Control and Monitoring System with the following features and functions:
Integrated monitoring and control of the generator is provided using a specially designed module in the PLC to receive input data from potential and current transformers. The system calculates real and reactive power, power factor and the variables required for synchronization.
Automatic Synchronizing. An automatic synchronizer is provided with the
control system to automatically synchronize the unit to the bus through pushbutton control on the digital control panel [DCP] or by receipt of an appropriate remote signal. A synch check relay is provided as an additional permissive and for backup protection.
Motorized Voltage Adjust. Raise/lower voltage push button control is provided
on the digital control panel to control a motorized potentiometer for voltage
control. An additional raise/lower switch, supplied by others, may be used to
control voltage from a remote location.
KW Controller. A kW controller is provided to control the real load (kW) on the
generator set while operating in parallel with a utility or other large source. The kW controller monitors the load carried by the generator set and adjusts the turbine's fuel flow to maintain a constant load as plant load changes. Protection against excessive kW load while in parallel with a large source is provided by the control system "T5" temperature limiter. The kW control system provides additional operational flexibility by allowing unit kW load level to be set at any desired level within the capacity of the unit. The kilowatt load level select switch and level adjustment is located on the digital control panel.

KVAR/Power Factor Controller. A kVAR/power factor controller is provided
to maintain a constant reactive load (kVAR) output or constant power factor (pf) on the generator set while the unit is operating in parallel with a utility or other large source. The controller applies a signal directly to the voltage regulator adjust circuit to maintain a constant reactive load or power factor with changes in the infinite bus voltage level. The system incorporates a set point adjust rheostat to set the desired kVAR or pf, a selector switch to choose kVAR or pf control mode, and a switch to turn the controller on and off.
- Remote Control Capability (via Optional Supervisory Interface)
An RS 232C/422 interface module is provided to give the user's supervisory
computer access, such as SCADA, to the Turbotronic control system data.
Limited control capability is provided to allow the supervisory computer to start and stop the unit, reset alarms, and raise/lower speed and load set points. The communications protocol is Allen Bradley's DF1. The interface module may be located up to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) from the turbine control system and located up to 50 feet (15 meters) from the supervisory computer for the RS 232C module or 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) for the RS 422 module. The modules are "table top" units and require 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz power.
- Turbine Compressor Cleaning:
Piping Manifold for On-Crank cleaning
- Weatherproof Acoustic Enclosure: Noise Level 76 dba @ 50 ft.
Ventilation Silencers and Fans, Lights, Fire Detection and Gas Monitoring
System with Auto Shutdown and Fuel Supply Shutoff, High Temperature
Detection and Alarm
CO2 Fire Suppression System for Generator Set Enclosure
- Documentation:
Interface Drawings, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Test Reports
- Inlet System:
Barrier Filter and Silencer mounted on top of Generator Set enclosure
- Exhaust Silencer and Outlet Extension Pipe (approximately 24’ above ground)
Tri-Axle Transport Trailer with Two Axle Pivoting Booster
Trailer Length 48’ + 14’1” Booster (removable at site)
Width 8’6”, 9’0” across trailer axles
133” Swing Clearance
49” 5th wheel Height (loaded)
Air Ride Suspension and Air Raise and Lower Kit
Steel Disc Wheels with 275/70R x 22.5 Tires
Three Tail Light Package
Landing Gear
6 Additional Landing Legs with Soil Bearing Plates for Leveling and Stabilization
at Site
Overall transport height: 14’2”
Estimated Transport Weight: 118,000 lbs.

Power Control Module:
- Power Control Room (PCR)
PCR HVAC system
Generator Main Circuit Breaker, Single interface point to power grid
Transformer Feeder Circuit Breaker
Bus PTs, Feeder CTs, Metering CTs and PTs, and Beckwith M-3425 Protective
RelayModule with the following relays:
Impedance (21)
Reverse Power Protection (32)
Loss of Field Protection (40)
Negative Phase Sequence Protection (46)
PT Blown Fuse Protection (60)
Time Overcurrent Protection (50/51 V)
Neutral Overcurrent Protection (51 N) – utilized in grounded site design
Bus Ground Fault Detection (59N) – utilized in ungrounded site design
Generator Differential Fault Protection (87 G)
One High Speed Tripping Relay (86) for Circuit Breaker Trip, Lockout,
and Turbine Shutdown
Settings, Programming, and Factory Testing are included
Lightning Arrestor and Surge Capacitor

Motor Control Center, Serves Turbine Generator AC Auxiliary Loads
120VDC Turbine Generator Battery System with Charger
Dedicated 120VDC Switchgear Battery System with Charger
Start Motor Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
DC Backup Lube Oil Pump Contactor
Interior Lighting
Photocell Controlled Exterior Lighting at Access Doors
Emergency Eyewash Station
- Ancillary Equipment
Gas Turbine Lube Oil Cooler
Neutral Ground Resistor
Auxiliary Load Transformer (13.8 kv:480 v, 60 Hz)
Eliminates site requirement to supply 480VAC shore power
480VAC shore power connection point, (to be used when load side of generator
breaker is not energized continuously with 13.8 kv)
- Two Axle Transport Trailer for Power Control Room (PCR)
Trailer Length 46’ Overall
Width 8’6”
49” 5th wheel Height (loaded)
Air Ride Suspension and Air Raise and Lower Kit
Steel Disc Wheels with 255/70R x 22.5 Tires
Three Tail Light Package
Landing Gear
4 Additional Landing Legs with Soil Bearing Plates for Leveling and Stabilization
at Site
Capacity: 70,000 lbs. Uniform
Overall Transport Height: 14’0”
Estimated Transport Weight: 48,000 lbs.

Accessories Included
Control System Remote Dial Up. Provides remote control and monitoring capability via
telephone connection. Includes Video Display (VDT) and modem.
480VAC Shore Power Connection with transfer switch. This feature allows black start of
Taurus 60 with a diesel generator.
Dual Fuel Configuration with Gas Only Injectors. Allows 25 ppmv NOX level on gas
Includes fuel boost pump, primary fuel filter, and air assist compressor in a single module
configuration. In order to operate in the dual fuel mode in the field would require
installation of dual fuel injectors. Dual fuel injectors are not included.