Quincy QSI-600 Air Compressor

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Quincy QSI-600 Air Compressor (Pic1)
Quincy QSI-600 Air Compressor (Pic2) Quincy QSI-600 Air Compressor (Pic3)

Qty 1: Quincy QSI-600 Air Compressor, 125HP, Mfgrd.: 2002. Rated: 623 CFM @ 110 PSIG. Max operating pressure: 125 PSIG. 460 Volt with full voltage starter panel. Recently replaced original motor with new Baldor premium efficiency motor. Water-cooled unit but can be converted to air-cooled with a two year old Thermal Transfer freestanding cooler. 13,949 total hours on unit.

QSI®: Around-the-clock Reliability

If your plant is running 24 hours a day, you simply can't afford downtime. You need the reliability that can only be delivered by a rotary screw compressor capable of a quarter century of service--the Quincy® QSI.

Many of the first QSI compressors built are still in service, and we're not surprised by that record. They designed the QSI for reliability, from the positive displacement fluid pump that assures proper rotor and bearing lubrication to the oversized, heavy duty air filter that's standard equipment on the QSI and an option on other brands. And they designed the QSI for efficiency, with a rotor profile that delivers maximum airflow using minimum horsepower.