D'MIP Model 45-HC Dry Material Injection Pump

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D'MIP 45-HC Injection Pump (Pic1)
D'MIP 45-HC Injection Pump (Pic2)
D'MIP 45-HC Injection Pump (Pic3)

D'MIP Model 451-7540-HC Dry Material Injection Pump with Hard Coating for dilute phase pneumatic conveying. The D'MIP is a heavy duty dry material pump designed for the continuous feed of dry material into a pneumatic conveying line. The D'MIP is designed to handle the difficult dilute phase conveying problems, especially abrasive and/or fine materials. Unlike Rotary Air Locks which rely on tight clearances to create an air seal, th D'MIP utilizes the product as its air seal eliminating blow back and early failure due to wear. There are only two moving parts in contact with the product and these parts can be replaced in the field in less than one hour.

The D'MIP was designed to be extremely durable. The main auger is specially treated for long life. The bearings are oversized and protected by a triple seal arrangement utilizing high speed dry seals.The frame is constructed from 10 to 14 inch channel which keeps the pump aligned under high inlet upper weights.

The conveying air may be connected to any one of four air inlets using either a straight connection or an elbow for unlimited installation options.

Manufactured: 2001

Note: D'MIPCO, INC. was purchased by William W. Meyer & Sons. This Model 45 now goes by the name: Screwveyor.