Cedarapids 6422 Aggregate Drying System

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Cedarapids 6422 Drier (Pic1)
Cedarapids 6422 Drier (Pic2)
Cedarapids 6422 Drier (Pic3) Cedarapids 6422 Drier & 2544 Baghouse (Pic4)
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Cedarapids 6422 Drier, Scott Blower (Pic9)
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Cedarapids 6422 Drier & 2544 Baghouse (Pic11)
Cedarapids 6422 Drier, Scott Blower (Pic12)

Cedarapids Model 6422 Stationary Fines Material Drying System. Includes Model 6422 Aggregate Drier; 2544 Fabric Filter Emission Collector with 5.2 air to cloth ratio. Estimated production at 5% free moisture removal, 225° mix: 80 TPH. For 460V/60Hz/3Phase electric power.

Item Summary:

ITEM NO. 1, QTY 1: Cedarapids Model 6422 Aggregate Drier. Designed for use with 13,350 CFM air movement, Model CR12A-40 Refractory type Burner. Production rate at 5% free moisture and 225° mix temperature approximately 80 TPH. Complete with stationary frame and fixed slope supports.

64" x 22' Counterflow Aggregate Drier is constructed of high strength, abrasion resistant steel to assure long life. Drum tires and trunnions are castings machined to ensure correct operation.

Cederapids driers feature saddle chain drive systems which assure positive drier drive under the most severe conditions. Drier drive motor is 25 HP. Included with the drier is the exhaust chamber with dust seal, combustion chamber and high-lift discharge hood.

Drier is fed by high level gravity feed chute with replaceable wear liner and air seal gate. Material from the chute is ditribution flights.

Basket flights begin lifting and veiling the material for drying. Aggregates cascade through the gas stream, forming a dense curtain and are dried by utilizing the heat transfer principles of convection and condution. High lift flights discharge material over the drier frame and into the hot elevator.

The CR 40 million BTU Combination Oil/LP Fuel Burner features in-line air flow, 50% larger internal wear surfaces, correctly calculated divergence angles and complete automatic control. Burner turbo motor is 30 HP, fuel pump is 3 Hp. Automatic burner control system includes anticipating cicuit and full safeguards.

All electric power and controls are 460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase mounted in control housed in weather tight NEMA 12 type enclosure. Line start through 75 HP, IRCS 100 HP and larger. Included are power cables, type "G" neoprene covered; quick disconnect couplings, remote operator push-button station with control cable to operator's station within 50' of burner.

Options Included: Qty 1: High Level Gravity Feed Vibrator, Qty 1: Turbo Inlet Silencer, Qty 1: Off Plant Burner Control & Qty 1: Cable Extensions (50' from burner).

ITEM NO. 2, QTY 1: Cedarapids Model 2544 Stationary Fabric Filter Emission Control Unit (for use with Cederapids 6422 Drier):

Fabric filter is designed for 13,350 CFM and 5.2:1 air to cloth ratio.

The unit is all-welded, reinforced construction. The inside housing is coated with epoxy sealer to protect against corrosion. Wrenchless, removable bag access panels are tightly sealed against leaks.

PRIMARY SECTION - Included as standard equipment. The primary removes coarse particles from the airstream prior to entry into the secondary cleaning chamber. Abrasion andheavy particle loading of the bags are held to a minimum. Collected particles fall from the primary into the transfer screw.

The secondary section features a baffle plate which distributes the incoming airstream across the section for even bag loading. The baffle plate also provides protection against airborne particles, which can be harmful to the bags.

Bags are Nomex material with outstanding heat and abrasion resistance. Bags are attached to galvanized cages by snap-ring seals.

Bag cleaning is continuous. Pulse-jet blasts of compressed air are jetted through a venturi at the top of each bag. Pulse time cleaning intervals are adjustable to match dust loading conditions.

A large rotary air lock empties dust into the secondary handling system. The beveled vanes effectively seal off entrance of outside air to maintain negative pressure in the collector.

EXHAUST SECTION - Fan is located on the outlet side of collector to cut abrasive wear to blades. Electric motor drive used with high efficiency fans is standard. The exhaust stack conforms to EPA guidelines. Fan is 30HP.

DAMPER - The electrically actuated damper mounts on the outlet of the fan. It is used to regulate exhaust flow or correct draft through the drum and collector system and is correlated with drying the load. A dial on the control console shows the percent opening. The damper is also used to reduce "cold air" starting load on the motor. Ductwork from the drier to the fabric filter house is supplied.

As a safety feature the damper cannot be fully closed. Burner fuel fumes are purged from the system before start up.

AIR SUPPLY - The air compressor is complete with electric drive and hose connections to air headers. Air compressor is 10 HP.

MONITORING & SAFEGUARD CONTROLS - Two magnehelic gauges provide a check on the proper operating conditions. Each gauge shows if pressure differential is rising and gives the operator a way to indentify build-up of material or other blockage. One gauge is mounted on the filter house and the other in the control house.

A dual set-point, digital over-temperature protection system shuts off the burner if temperature in the bag chambers rises too high, and in addition prevents burner restart until temperatures fall to a safe operating level.

ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROLS - Controls are 460V/60 Hz/3 Phase to power fan, screw conveyor, air lock and compressor. Controls are increment reduced current type for all motors over 75 HP.

OPTIONS INCLUDED: Ductwork (from drier to fabric filter), 50' Cable Extensions.