Cat G3516B 1.4 MW Gas Gensets, Qty 2

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Natural Gas Generator Sets

Qty 2: Used Caterpillar G3516B Natural Gas fueled 1400 KW induction generator sets. These units were part of a pilot program to evaluate the potential of converting natural gas electricity by connecting to the 25,000 volt three phase distribution system - Gensets and step-up transformer and switchgear included.

The generator packages consist of the following units and components:
Caterpillar G3516B natural gas generators built in 2003.
Engine Power: 1818 HP
Fuel gas pressure: 1.5 - 5.0 psig
Ignition System: Adem 3
Engine speed: 1800 rpm
Min. methane number: 80
NOx emission level: 1.0 g/bhp-hr
Fuel consumption: 6863 BTU/bhp-hr
Extreme application, 14 inch inlet/outlet grade silencer, GT exhaust
Crank case exhaust evacuator
24 bolt DC starters
PLC based pre & post lube DC
Block heaters

US Motors 1400 Kw, 4160 volt induction generator, 3 phase, 60 hz
Complete with sleeve bearings
Insulation: Class F
Class B temperature rise, (80 Deg. C. Rise for normal output)
Heaters: 2 RTDs per phase:

40 deg. C
480 volt, 3 phase, TEFC electric motor low noise fan tip blades induced draft
with vertical exhaust complete with man-door access.
Skid enclosure:
sound attenuated building, 30% perf liner mineral wood sound insulation.
16 feet W x 32 feet L x 12 feet H, complete with a acoustically treated air intakes,
air exhaust, cooler exhaust. Skid base 55 feet long.
Generators all have independent high voltage switch gear room isolated
from engine generator room.

Allen Bradley PLC processor SLC500
Fuel flow computer meter
HMI; touch screen, color display
Rosemount temperature transmitters
Radio modem, 330-512

4160 volt, distribution line up, includes, utility motor disconnect, station
service TX feed, Transistion cell, soft starter, and cap bank with controls.
Charger battery, 120 v DC/AC
Converter DC/DC 12 volt to 24 volt.

Electrical Engineering: Cat G3516B motor hours:
1st Unit: 11,000 hours
2nd Unit: 11,000 hours