Caterpillar 3406 Gensets, Qty 4 - New

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Qty 4: Caterpillar 3406 Diesel Generator Sets - NEW.
Rated: 365 KW Standby, 400 KW Prime. Voltage: 277/480, Frequency: 60. Configuration: Inline 6 Cylinder, Displacement: 893 Cubic Inches. RPM: 1800.

Air Inlet System: Air Cleaner, heavy duty, dual element w/pre-cleaner.

Control Panels: Rear facing EMCP II control panel including:
Auto start/stop control switch
Emergency stop pushbutton
Voltage adjustment potentiometer
Speed adjustment potentiometer
Panel Lights
Digital AC meter - 3 phase, True RMS
Digital indication for: Operating Hours, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, DC Volts, RPM, System Diagnostic Codes.
Safety Shutdown protection with LED indicating lights for: Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temperature, Overspeed, Emergency Stop, Failure to Start (Overcrank).

Cooling System: Radiator with guard (sized for 50 degrees C)
Coolant drain line with valve; terminated on edge of base
Fan and belt guards
Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant
Coolant level sight gauge
Jacket water heater, 3 kW, 240VAC

Exhaust System: Stainless steel exhaust flex; ANSI style outlet flange, gasket, bolts, and mating weld flange, shipped loose.

Fuel System: Primary and secondary fuel filters
Fuel priming pump
Fuel pressure gauge
Flexible fuel lines terminated on base
Water separator filter

Generators and Generator Attachments:
Oversized & Permanent magnet excited (2/3 pitch), random wound
IP23 Protection
Class H Insulation
Gen 6000 voltage regulator (three phase sensing)
With Load Adjustment Module
Power Terminal Strip
Segregated low voltage (AC/DC) wiring panel
Power center contains control panel, wiring panel and power termination with bottom cable entry.

Governing System:
Caterpillar Hydra-mechanical governor
(3% speed regulation)
Governor, vernier control

Lube System:
Lubricating Oil
Oil filter
Oil drain line with valve piped to edge of base
Fumes disposal piped to front of radiator
Extended capacity oil sump

Mounting System: Formed steel base
Linear vibration isolators between base and engine-generator

Starting/Charging System:
45-amp charging alternator
24-volt starting motor
Oversized battery with rack & cables
Safety shutoff protection
Battery disconnect switch

Mandatory Options:
Application indicator
Display units
Language option
Rating type

Optional Adders (Included):
Mainline circuit breaker, 800 amp, 100% rated, 3 pole, NEMA 1

Warranty: Caterpillar Standard Warranty - One Year, Unlimited Hours.